W.L. Black and Associates

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Vacuum Services

W. L. Black and Associates can provide Vacuum Truck Services for Waste Waters and Sludges in Industrial facilities and commercial business.  We can dispose of any non haz waste waters and sludges with our 3000 gallon Vacuum Truck.  Our professionals will assist you in setting up a scheduled service so you never have to worry about your Oil Water separator overflowing or getting backed up with sludge. 


W. L. Black and Associates can also provide transfers of clean product from one tank to another.  No matter what your needs are with regards to pumping or vacuuming out product or wastes,  W. L. Black and Associates will provide you professional service with reliable equipment in a timely manner.


Our Professional Cleaning Services Include:
• Storm water drainage cleaning and sampling
• Drainage pipe cleaning  
• Catch basins
• Manholes
• Industrial plant cleaning
• Utility vacuum excavation
• Remove blockages of accumulated waste
• Remove solid objects lodged in pipe work
• Clean and flush industry pipe work