W.L. Black and Associates

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Tank Cleaning 

W. L. Black and Associates is proud to be considered a (full range) provider for tank services for both the residential and commercial market.  From 275 gallon residential oil tanks to multi-million gallon petroleum / chemical tank farms, we approach each project with the same focus which includes the customer needs, their safety, and providing cost effective and innovative solutions to the project at hand.  Our specific tank services include:

 Routine Tank Cleaning
 Emergency Tank Cleaning
 Repositioning/Removal of Internal Floating Roofs
 Miscellaneous Repairs & Service
 Tank Removal/Demolition

Industrial Tank Cleaning 

W. L. Black and Associates provides tank cleaning services to oil terminals, refineries, power plants, paper mills, sewage treatment plants, and other facilities with large storage tanks, regardless of the quantity, viscosity or chemical makeup of the product.   Such bulk storage tanks are often cleaned for increased storage capacity, to facilitate a change of product type, or for decommissioning/demolition.
 Residential Tanks

In order to maintain the value and integrity of your home, as well as the ground it rests upon, you need to choose an experienced environmental firm to assist you with issues associated with home heating oil tanks.  W. L Black and Associates can support both underground and above ground residential oil storage tank service needs. We will work with you to assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate removal and/or replacement options for leaking/failing tanks.

 Initial Site Assessment and Evaluation
 Tank Removal
 Cleanup Associated with Tank & Line Failures
 Contaminated Soil Excavation, Transportation and Disposal 
Through professionalism, expertise, and sensitivity, W. L. Black and Associates takes great care with its residential clients to ensure that health and safety is not compromised and that inconveniences to everyone involved are kept at a minimum.