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Hazardous Waste (Profiling & Disposal) 

W.L.Black and Associates takes personal responsibility for all of the hazardous waste needs your company has. Since we are a full service company, we can offer services to include profiling, auditing, assessments, labeling, packaging, transporting and disposal of all hazardous waste streams. We can also offer Best Management Practices (BMP) for reducing hazardous waste streams in the future.  Since we audit our disposal facilities annually, we share the responsibility and liability for the facilities that we use to assure proper disposal of all hazardous waste materials/streams.


Non-Hazardous Waste Services 

W.L.Black and Associates can handle all of your company's non- hazardous and special waste needs. We take pride in following all Federal, State and Local governmental regulations as well as those set by a variety of Environmental Services Associations nationally. Though non-hazardous and special waste materials do not need to be profiled, W.L.Black and Associates does profile them. This provides your business with the paper trail needed should any concerns arise in the future. This allows us to share in the responsibility, which gives our client the assurance that all proper procedures are followed in handling your environmental needs. Unlike some environmental service companies, W.L.Black and Associates does not require our client's to prepackage materials or load them onto the disposal trucks. We will package and load your materials for you. As a full service company we can take care of your businesses environmental needs so you can take care of your business needs. We look forward to working with you.


Lab Packing and Disposal Services
Lab packaging and Disposal services are specifically used in the hazardous waste management services. W.L.Black and Associates sends a list of the client's hazardous waste/materials to the appropriate disposal facility. The facility then informs us how to best package the waste/materials so they can be consolidated. This way, the client's cost is kept to a minimum without compromising safety or environmental regulations. As with our other services, W.L.Black and Associates is able to handle all of the packaging, profiling, labeling, manifesting, management, loading and transportation of the materials/waste for you, if you choose to utilize our full range of services. W.L.Black and Associates acts as our client's hazardous waste and safety management team to keep the customer in compliance with all safety and governmental regulations.


Recycle & Re-Use Technologies  

W.L.Black and Associates utilitzes Recycle and Re-use Technologies. We recycle any materials that can be recycled according to standards set by various Environmental Agencies.
Since W.L.Black and Associates audits all of our disposal facilities annually you are assured that recycling waste for beneficial is our highest priority for today and tomorrow.
The majority of our container's used for shipping are recycled which helps to eliminate waste materials for yet another generation. Our client's are issued a Certificate Of Energy Recovery and Recycling when they utilize the services of W.L.Black and Associates in disposing of flammable waste/materials. This gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you and your company also are helping the environment.


Waste Management 

W.L.Black and Associates can provide Auditing services to determine facilities compliance of Federal, State and Local Regulations. We can also assist with your current waste handling, profiling and disposal activities as well as assist in reducing the waste streams.

Universal Waste

Many businesses also must concern themselves with new regulations pertaining to Universal Waste of which we also recycle in a friendly manner.  These wastes contain small amounts of mercury which is very toxic to us and the environment.  State and federal authorities now regulate disposal of:

  • Batteries (all types)
  •  Fluorescent bulbs and other types of light bulbs (HID’s)
  • Computer Monitors
  • Cathode ray tubes
  • Light Ballasts (PCB and Non PCB)
  •  Electronic Waste