W.L. Black and Associates

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Remediation Services

W.L. Black and Associates has skilled technicians whom are experienced in all types of remediation work. We have the facilities and knowledge to handle most types of situations and any type of material (non-hazardous and hazardous). From residential homeowners wanting to rid rat poison in their attic, to PCB (polychlorinated biphenol) cleanups in large industrial facilities, we have the resources to handle anything.  We have removed soot and mold in warehouses, cleaned out Air ventilation systems and worked in a wide variety of areas and with a variety of tools and personnel required to get the job done in an effective, efficient and professional manner

Environmental Permitting

W.L.Black and Associates offers assistance services with Environmental Permitting. This service includes assistance with the following permit applications:  storm water, national pollution discharge elimination system (NPDES/VPDES), and various industrial wastewater discharge applications to local sanitary sewer infrastructures/systems and facilities.

NPDES Monitoring and Sampling Services

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
Our qualified consultants can assist you in determining your need for remediation services. We provide the proper installation, development, sampling and analytical services for the various types of monitoring well construction needs. We utilize our certified-trained personnel and certified well drillers for access to different types of sites and terrain's. Our certified personnel perform all sampling and analytical services. LAB Samples are submitted to independent labs with NPDES analysis permits

NPDES permits are needed by industrial, municipal and any other facilities whose waste goes directly to surface waters. The NPDES, which was introduced in 1972, is responsible for our Nations significant improvement in water quality. 

Emissions and Indoor Air Quality

W.L.Black and Associates has services to provide assessments of emissions monitoring regarding discharge of hazardous constituents into the atmosphere. We provide assistance with air permit application, monitoring and compliance. Indoor air quality surveys are performed to determine airborne mold growth (Fungal and Bacterial), airborne pathogens, and other respinable dust that might impact the indoor Air Quality.

Brownfields Remediation Service

W.L. Black & Associates can provide turn-key Brownfields Remediation Services prior to and/or during site development activities. W.L. Black and Associates provides professional and experienced remediation consulting/construction services to reform an impacted/contaminated parcel into usable property following the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfields Remediation protocols and regulations, as well as, following state voluntary remediation program or site specific Remediation/Corrective Action Plans.

This turn-key consulting/contracting service coupled with W.L. Black's professional staff experience can assist any Property Owner, Developer, Municipality, and/or General Contractor to reform a contaminated site into a reusable parcel for development.